Mountain Biking

Mostly located on private land, the Saint-Raymond sector stretches fields and mountains, offering splendid country settings just 10 minutes from the Cottages. Short "singletracks" often rolling, sometimes technical, are linked quickly, allowing the cyclist to carve a custom itinerary.


The territory of the Vallée Bras-du-Nord is one of the largest network of hiking trails in Quebec. Combining short and long hikes, the courses are punctuated by breathtaking views and tranquility. They offer a wide range of in-kind experiences for young and old alike. The courses represent over 80 kilometers of marked trails, marked and accessible year-round.


Whether you are a road bike, hybrid bike or mountain biking enthusiast, discover La Vélopiste Jacques-Cartier / Portneuf, built on the 68-km-long former railway right-of-way linking Gabriel-de-Valcartier at Rivière-à-Pierre. You will appreciate this unique trail rich in lakes, rivers and mountains. Enjoy, along the way, the attractions, services, warm hospitality and quaintness of the riverside municipalities. The Vélopiste is directly connected to the City of Quebec by the Corridor des Cheminots.


Bordered by fine sand, surrounded by trees and picnic areas, the Eau Claire beach is only for swimming. The quality of the water is recognized as excellent and swimming is safe. It is a must in less than 2 minutes from the Cottages.

Arbraska Duchesnay

Arbraska Duchesnay is an aerial adventure circuit offering a breathtaking view of Lac Saint-Joseph - including a special circuit for youngsters 7 to 11, a 1,000 foot zipline, and an extreme loop for those more daring – will delight young and old alike. Come for an unforgettable aerial experience swinging through the tree tops in tune with nature!

Canoeing / Kayaking

The canoe-kayak run downstream of the Bras-du-Nord River is a pioneering family activity that made the Valley famous among outdoors enthusiasts. This calm water pathway features fine sand beaches and many meandering stretches. Flowing through the steep mountains, the majestic Delaney fall reaches the stream. This sweet escape offers wild landscapes striking with natural beauty, that harkens back to far away times.

The Secret Valley

You are invited to take part in an educational and interactive adventure in the depth of the forest, pleasing both young and old. Your hosts, Gustave and Rosie, two friendly, Teeny-Tiny Dwarfs, from the gnomes family, are waiting for you in their picturesque The Teeny-Tiny Dwarfs' Hiding Place for a colourful show! With your gnome hat, map, magnifying glass, gnome calculator and key, you'll enter our lovely paths trying to find the secret code-giving you access to the magical,  Teeny-Tiny Dwarfs' world. Different types of paths are offered depending on the participant's age! 

The Labyrinth Inukshuk

The Labyrinth  Inukshuk gives you a true personal challenge. It is a 12 sides structure made with gate sections of 2.5 meter high. The course is made up of 275 doors ; the objective is to reach the center.  With your family, your friends or in a group, the Labyrinth  Inukshuk is accessible and pleasant at any age.

Valcartier Outdoor Waterpark

The Valcartier Vacation Village ranks among the most popular recreational tourism destinations for North American visitors. Recognized today as the largest winter games center in America, it offers a myriad of activities that appeal to a family clientele that continues to grow. Rafting, water park and gliding on the tube are just some of Valcartier Vacation Village's many activities.

Western Excursions (Family Rafting)

Leave the beaten track and come live a beautiful family rafting experience. The sector that we propose to you is the sector of the caves and throats. The descent is filled with fast easy to master. The landscape is picturesque and wild, the rocks are carved by the water. On the Sainte-Anne River you paddle at your own pace. You can stop at certain places for swimming. The activity is accessible to all; beginners, families, groups, organizations.

Quad Adventure

More than a hundred kilometers of trails are accessible nearby.


Completely renovated since the spring of 2011, a double plot is accessible free of charge by the municipality from the end of May to the end of September, two minutes by car.

Lac Sergent Golf Club

The Lac Sergent Golf Club offers all golfers a 9-hole course of quality in a breathtaking setting. Come try the experience, for parties with friends, as a couple or in a group, the Lac Sergent Golf Club is the perfect place for a most exciting day.

The Grand Portneuf Golf Club

The Grand Portneuf is a magnificent 36-hole golf course. The beautiful landscapes that surround the course make it a place of calm and escape. It is a nature golf course, accessible to all golfers and at an affordable price.

The Pine Golf Club

The Pine Golf Club offers you ideal playing conditions, at competitive prices. Noted for its impeccable greens and a perfect challenge for the amateur golfer, it will make you have a memorable day before, during and after your 18 holes.

Raid Bras du Nord

Live or relive the experience of the Raid Bras du Nord! Find out why it has established itself as the most popular mountain bike ride in the province. Endurance enthusiasts will be served with steep climbs and a course that totals nearly 2,000 meters of elevation. The new initiates, they will live a total change of scenery thanks to a challenge which will lead them in unexplored territory. A tailor-made offer with choice of distances and technical challenges adapted to all.

Forest festival of La Grosse Bûche

Long-time summer festival with concerts, competitions and craft market.

Station touristique Duchesnay

Nature getaways, romantic weekends, family vacations or business meetings. Any occasion is the perfect chance to appreciate Station touristique Duchesnay. The 89 km² site by the shores of Lac Saint-Joseph is a magnificent playground for a wide variety of activities: hiking, cross-country skiing, canoeing, rock climbing, archery, guided activities, and much more. This is also a place where you can enjoy fine dining. Pure enchantment for guests of all ages!


The Rondeau River is directly accessible from the field. For fishing enthusiasts, it is possible to tease the trout just a few minutes walk.

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Saint-Raymond is a hub for snowmobiling in Quebec. Did you know that you have access to more than 745 mi. snowmobile trails from the same starting point ? Finished cold luggage, your personal belonging remain warm in your room while you discover a variety of snowmobile trails that always take you back to the KM-Zero!


Come and admire the beautiful landscapes of Allen's Mill or the Vallée Bras du Nord on snowshoes.


Several offers are available to skate enthusiasts. From the indoor ice rink (Saint-Leonard) to the trails in the woods (Sainte-Catherine) through a 12 km ring (Lac Sept-Îles), everyone will find his height.

Cross Country Skiing

5 trails totaling 25 km are set up, in an enchanting site and this, each year, in the center of the village. A brand activity for the whole family. You will be dazzled and enchanted by so much beauty.

Saint-Raymond Ski Center

Ski Saint-Raymond offers a family atmosphere and a safe environment. Enjoy our snow conditions with our 100% natural snow. Skiing, snowboarding, ski school, snowboard park and tube sliding are the activities we offer in one place.

Dog Sledding

This former means of transportation is becoming an increasingly popular activity in Quebec. Discover the complicity of the musher and his dogs while exploring the forest.

Hok Skiing

Have you heard of Hok skis? This versatile gear combines the qualities of cross country skis and snowshoes. They are almost exclusively used off track. The bottom of the ski is partially covered with a climbing skin for uphill traction. It also has a universal binding that fits several kinds of boots. Hok skis are very easy to handle and are therefore perfect for beginners. They allow faster off-track displacement than snowshoes. Experience this new Quebec-made snow toy, which was inspired by a thousand-year-old activity practiced in the Altaï Mountains.

Vallée Bras du Nord

A well-known outdoor destination throughout Quebec, especially for its hiking trails, mountain bike trails and canoe trips down the river.