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Cave Visit

Discover speleology at the Trou du Diable cave in Saint-Casimir de Portneuf, which opens its lair for a discovery and educational visit. Located on a site of the Société québécoise de spéléologie, the cave with a development of 980 meters is the second longest accessible cave in Quebec. It is the underground route of a small tributary of the Sainte-Anne river.

Cave Visit


Kid: $17.39

Adult: $23.48


Parc naturel régional de Portneuf

423 Rue Principale

Saint-Alban, Qc

G0A 3B0

(418) 268-6681

The information on this page is for illustrative purposes only. In case of disparity between this information and that contained on the official site, the latter will be considered as absolute truth.

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