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The Domaine des 3 Moulins is a vineyard, but also a 19th century Euro-Quebec archaeological site. Near Rivière-à-Matte, a first water-driven mill was built in 1690. Subsequently, a sawmill was created in 1725, then another in 1768. At the turn of the 19th century, therefore knows that a group of three mills - saw, grain and card - stands on the banks of the river. In 1850, a new mill measuring 48 by 30 feet on three floors was built, this time by a man named Patton, who also built a 1500 foot dock on stilts where boats could dock. Patton there grinds grains coming from the United States which allows him to send the flour thus produced in England... without taxes and without even paying the seigneurial duties! Around 1854, the seigneurial rights were abolished. Patton went bankrupt in 1856 and the land was seized by the sheriff. It was in 2001, when Monick Valois and Pio Bégin acquired the land, that the modern history of the vineyard began. Initially, it was with the intention of building a secondary home that the owners made this acquisition. Only two old chalets remain on the property and a pylon loaded with shore grapes. It was the starting inspiration. Since then, several tests have been made and key people have joined the couple to develop the project. Today grow on the Estate nearly 10,000 vines and 7,500 bottles are produced. The Mission of the owners and their team is to create a sustainable and profitable business that will be recognized by its peers and the community for its production of quality products. In the long term, they will create a unique wine tourism center that will become an essential asset for the entire region of Quebec and Portneuf.



Access price: Free

Guided tours on demand


Domaine des 3 moulins

1333 Route 138

Neuville, Qc

G0A 2R0

(418) 876-0002

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