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Arbraska Duchesnay

Arbraska Duchesnay is an aerial adventure course offering breathtaking views of Lake Saint-Joseph! Just 30 minutes from Quebec City, young and old will be delighted with a variety of routes, including one for young people aged 7 to 11, a 1000-foot zipline and an extreme loop for the more daring. Come and live an unforgettable aerial experience at the treetops and to the rhythm of nature!

Arbraska Duchesnay


7 to 11 years old: $17.95

12 to 17 years old: $30.95

Adult: $39.95


Arbraska Duchesnay

143 Montée de l’Auberge

Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier, Qc

G0A 3M0

1 (418) 875-4522

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