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Common Redpoll


Near forests with spruces, pines and birches. We see it in winter since in summer it nests in the Arctic!


The male and the female look a lot alike! The forehead is bright red and the chin is black! The chest is slightly red in the male and it has stripes on the sides. The redpoll is about 15 centimeters and weighs 12 grams, slightly more than the weight of a strawberry. It has a wingspan of about 20 cm. Redpolls live an average of 8 years.


This bird is a seed eater, it only eats seeds! This is why it is regularly seen near feeders in winter! It forages for food and feeds mainly on the ground. It lives in groups of about 30 birds.


It is mainly the male who takes care of the chicks, and this for about 12 days! Meanwhile, the female begins to build a new nest for the second brood!

One can easily differentiate it from finches, which look a lot like him, thanks to his red forehead.

During the breeding season, the male flies in a circle above its territory.

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