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Common Yellowthroat


Near moist areas such as marshes, in low bushes.


The Common Yellowthroat wears a black facial mask in the male. The back is olive-brown, the throat and chest are yellow. The belly is buff in both male and female. This warbler has a wingspan of 17 cm, measures up to 14 centimeters and weighs up to 10 grams, about the weight of a strawberry! It lives for about 10 years.


This warbler is mainly insectivorous and feeds on insects present on the leaves or bark of trees. Common Yellowthroat migrates only to feed, when insects are more difficult to find. This warbler never lands in her nest, it will land nearby and walk to the nest.


Males usually have only one female in their territory, but females' singing attracts other males and she will sometimes mate with them without her mate knowing.

It is one of the first birds of the "New World" to have been cataloged by Linnaeus, an eminent naturalist, in 1766!

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