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Blue Jay


Dense forests with conifers and deciduous trees. Also in parks.


The male and the female look a lot alike! The face and belly are white. The crest, back, wings and tail are blue with black and white dots. He has a blue-black collar. The blue jay measures about 30 centimeters, has a wingspan of 40 cm and weighs 70 to 100 grams. The blue jay lives an average of 18 years in the wild.


The blue jay is omnivorous, it eats everything! Fruits, acorns, insects and even chicks and eggs of other bird species. It has a very important role in population control. They are often seen at feeders, especially in winter, and they return to the same feeders every year. It can carry up to 5 acorns at a time and stock up for the winter! It is a partially migratory bird, it often stays on its territory all year round.


The jay is not really blue, it's brown! The blue comes from the way light is refracted as it passes through the feather.

Jays put ants under their wings to get scratched during moulting!

The blue jay is the cousin of crows and ravens!

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