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Chipping Sparrow


It is found almost everywhere, on lawns, in fields, on the edge of forests, in open forests.


It has a very distinctive rufous cap as well as a white supercilium and a black line across the eye. Cheeks, nape, belly and rump are grey. Its back is brown lined with beige and black. The female and the male are almost identical, the female is a little duller. This sparrow measures about 14 centimeters and weighs up to 15 grams. It has a wingspan of 21 cm. It lives up to 9 years.


The Chipping Sparrow mainly eats insects and seeds. It feeds mainly on the ground and is often seen at feeders. It runs and hops when on the ground. It stops to scratch the ground with its two paws, looking for food. Chipping Sparrow is rather solitary and will pair only for the breeding season.


While its body feathers change once or twice a year, her face feathers can change up to 6 times a year!

Their nest is not the coziest... Indeed, you can see the light through it, suggesting that it does not warm the chicks much!

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