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Song Sparrow


It is found mainly in open areas with shrubs and near water points.


The Song Sparrow has strong brown stripes on the chest, a brown hood with a whitish line down the center. It has a gray eyebrow and a line of brown "eyeliner". Its back is greyish. The female and the male are identical. It measures about 16 centimeters and weighs up to 53 grams, which is the weight of an apricot! It has a wingspan of up to 24 cm. It lives to be 11 years old.


The Song Sparrow is omnivorous! It feeds mainly on seeds, worms and fruits. To sing, it must be perched high and overhanging its territory. It is easy to recognize when it flies, since it wags its tail up and down! Song Sparrow builds its nest on the ground, or low in the bushes.


If there is enough food, this sparrow can have up to 4 successful broods per summer! There are usually 2 of them.

The territory of the male song sparrow is 5000 square meters (close to 3x the size hockey ice! It chases away all intruders from its territory!

Females prefer males with more complex songs as it reflects a better ability to learn.

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