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Valcartier Holiday Village

Enjoy more than 35 snow slides day and night, a lit skating trail, snow rafting and the unique Tornado. Launch yourself from the top of the steep slopes of the Himalayas for a high-speed descent. Rediscover the joy of playing outside with your little ones by exploring the tunnels and mini-slides in our children's play area. Fully enjoy the pleasures of winter with family or friends by combining your day at the Winter Games Center with a visit to the Ice Hotel or Bora Parc.

Valcartier Holiday Village


Small: $37.99

Large: $44.99

Baby: Free

Contact details

Valcartier Holiday Village

1860 Boulevard Valcartier

Valcartier, Qc

G0A 4S0

1 (888) 384-5524

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