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The Secret Valley

You are invited to participate in an interactive and educational outdoor adventure that will please both children and adults. Your hosts Gustave and Rosie, two friendly tinin-dwarves from the gnome family, await you in the charming Tinin-Nains Cache for an unusual show! Gnome hat on your head, map, dwarf account and keys in hand, you will set off on our magnificent trails in search of the secret code giving you access to the magical little world of the tinin-dwarves. Several treasure hunts offered depending on the age of the participants.

The Secret Valley


2 to 12 years: $11.31

13 to 17 years old: $13.05

18 years and over: $14.79

Contact details

Secret Valley

1010 Chemin de la Traverse

Saint-Raymond, Qc

G3L 3C4

(418) 875-4408

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