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Grand Duke Gardens

On an old Indian reserve, the Grand Duke's gardens, surrounded by 300 acres of forest, were created on an area of ​​300,000 square feet in constant evolution. Open to the public since 2008, a stop is essential in front of a colorful harmonized painting by the daisy Becky who nods to welcome you while reflecting the originality of the area dressed in romantic white by artist Rita The Duke and the master builder, Pierre Lirette . At the entrance, a shade garden near a seminary of birds awakens us to nature. On the course of secret paths, the distant murmur of water charms us to discover what may well be hidden in the background of this large Huron estate which reveals to us a turning point from our ancestors to modern life today. Through the explosion of colors of more than 4,500 perennials, collections of daylilies, dahlias, conifers and special elements, the unusual arrangements reflect a passionate couple of horticulture where the silence of flowers reaches the hearts and souls of tourists. Do not miss this essential stop of this cultural heritage created in a feminine nature: Water, earth, light and life.

Grand Duke Gardens


Under 5 years old: Free

5 to 6 years old: $5

Adult: $10


The Grand Duke's gardens

1460 Rang Saguenay

Saint-Raymond, QC

G3L 3G3

(418) 337-6086

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