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Turkey Vulture


We find it everywhere! However, the vulture has a preference for open areas, especially in agricultural areas and near mixed forests.


The male and female are very similar, but the female is larger! The plumage is black, except the underside of the wings and tail which is black and light grey, almost white. The red head has no feathers so as not to dirty them when he eats. Its beak is short and ivory in color. The span of its wings can reach 183 cm! It measures about 75 centimeters and weighs up to 2 kilograms! It lives on average 10 years, but can live more than 25 years!


Vultures are scavengers! They eat dead animals. He also has a very developed sense of smell which allows him to spot decomposing animals. They are often seen alone or in small groups gliding in the sky! We clearly distinguish the feathers of the end of the wings in these moments and the red head. The vulture is clumsy when it moves on the ground! He mainly hops. It takes great effort to take off, flapping its wings while hopping and pushing on the ground with its feet.


The Turkey Vultures have a very original defense technique! They can project their vomit (regurgitate) on their enemies to defend themselves!

It dries his feathers in the sun, with his wings open, which at the same time allows him to sterilize them after eating!

He can survive 15 days without drinking or eating after a good meal!

The vulture is not very cozy... it lays its eggs directly on the ground!

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