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Mourning dove


It lives in several environments, whether in the city, in the woods, on farmlands.


The male and the female are similar. The plumage is tan-brown with black and brown spots on the back and wings. It has a black dot on its neck, below its eyes, and a blue circle around its eye. It measures on average 27 centimeters, has a wingspan of 45 cm and weighs up to 170 grams, the weight of a banana! It can live up to 20 years!


The Mourning Dove is herbivorous. It mainly eats what is on the ground, be it seeds, fruits or weeds. Its head move back and forth as they walk, like pigeons, which are their cousins. Doves are monogamous. The male has an elaborate courtship display: he walks towards the female or chases her, fluffing his feathers and singing. It can also beat its wings noisily.


Mourning Doves eat up to 20% of their body weight per day! It's like a 100 pound human eating 20 pounds of food in one day!

This bird can drink brackish water (between salt water and fresh water) which allows it to survive in the desert!

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