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Purple finch


In coniferous and mixed forests.


The male has a pinkish-red head and neck, reddish chest and sides, and reddish-brown back. The female is less colourful, she has a brown back and a white belly striped with brown. The purple finch is about 15 centimeters tall, has a wingspan of 25 cm and weighs about 25 grams, which is about the weight of a shallot! The finch lives an average of 11 years.


In winter, the finch eats seeds and buds of trees. In the spring, it prefers insects and in the summer fruits! It is regularly seen at feeders. It is often in groups, but when feeding, it becomes territorial.


The male finch can jump 15 to 30 centimeters high during courtship.

This bird uses its beak and tongue to crush seeds and fetch the nut inside.

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