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Yellow Warbler


Shrubby areas near bodies of water and having a few isolated trees and where insects abound.


The Yellow Warbler, as its name suggests, is almost entirely yellow. It has red stripes on the belly and thin black stripes on the wings and tail. The female and the male are similar, but the female does not really have stripes on the belly. This warbler measures about 13 centimeters, has a wingspan of 18 cm and weighs up to 16 grams, which is about the weight of a mushroom! It lives for about 10 years.


This warbler is mainly insectivorous and feeds mainly near the ground. Larvae and caterpillars are its favorite food. Yellow Warbler often perches on top of bushes. Nidification takes place towards the end of May. The Yellow Warbler communicates through song, like other birds, but also through postures and even physical contact.


This warbler begins to leave the region as early as July to hibernate! We only see it for a short time in Quebec.

The nest is often parasitized by brown-headed cowbirds, another bird. When she realizes this, the female then builds another nest on top of the previous one and leaves the cowbird egg there.

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