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American Redstart


Hardwoods, especially regenerating and with dense undergrowth.


Its back and chest are black, the belly is white. It has bright orange spots on its wings, sides and tail which create a wonderful contrast. The female and the male are different, the female is duller, yellow and olive instead of orange and black. This warbler measures about 14 centimeters, has a wingspan of about 17 cm and weighs up to 9 grams, which is about the weight of a cherry tomato! It lives for about 10 years.


The American Redstart is an insectivore and eats mainly butterflies, caterpillars and flies in vegetation. American Redstarts move quickly to feed themselves! They are always on the move, hopping on a branch and swinging their bodies. Yearling males breed in the territory of older males without getting caught as they are the same color as the females.


The young males of 1 year are the same color as the females, it takes 2 years for males to acquire the flamboyant colors.

The American Redstart flashes bright spots on its plumage to scare away moving insects, giving warblers an opportunity to see and catch them.

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