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Hardwood forests dominated by sugar maple, trembling aspen and white birch.


The female and the male are similar. The back is olive-brown, the belly is white with stripes. She has a white circle around her eye. Its orange cap edged with black earned it its French name, which translate to "Crowned Warbler". The top of the beak is black and the underside pink. This warbler measures about 17 centimeters, has a wingspan of about 23 cm and weighs up to 28 grams, which is about the weight of a small asparagus! This warbler lives about 9 years.


Ovenbirds are insectivores and tend to forage on the ground. Ovenbirds have virtually unique songs between individuals, although humans do not really distinguish the differences. Males living nearby will sing together, as if communicating. Each, in turn, sing up to 40 times!


By its appearance and its habit of walking on the ground to feed, this warbler has long been considered a member of the thrush family.

Its English name “Ovenbird” refers to the appearance of its nest. The latter is placed on the ground and is covered with a grassy dome reminiscent of a bread oven.

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