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American Robin


It is found as much in the forests, as on the lawns or in the meadows.


The American Robin's head is almost black and its throat is black and white striped. Its back is grey-brown and its belly is burnt orange. The beak is yellow. The female and the male are identical, but the female is a little duller to camouflage herself better! It measures about 28 centimeters, has a wingspan of up to 40 cm and weighs up to 77 grams, which is about the weight of a head of garlic! It lives to be 14 years old.


This bird is mainly frugivorous, meaning it eats fruits! However, it prefers to eat earthworms in the morning and turns to fruit in the afternoon. The robin's esophagus is expandable, so it can store food there for the night, especially in winter. The American Robin can have up to 3 broods per year! Since robins feed on the ground, they are sensitive to the presence of pesticides.


Although robins are considered harbingers of spring, many American Robins spend the whole winter in their breeding range. But because they spend more time roosting in trees and less time in your yard, you're less likely to see them.

In winter, robins gather and can roost in groups of more than 200,000 individuals!

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