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Common Raven


It is found in all types of environments, but it avoids large cities.


The male and the female are identical, the male is sometimes a little bigger! It is black and his feathers have purple reflections. Its beak is robust and its tail has a diamond shape, the feathers in the center are longer! The common raven stands up to 67 centimeters tall and has a wingspan of up to 150 cm! It can weigh up to 2 kg, the weight of a cantaloupe! The Common Raven can live up to 21 years in the wild!


The common raven is omnivorous, it eats everything! Eggs, insects, fruits, rodents and carcasses! It can even attack other bird species. When flying, it is often seen soaring upwards and then hovering, like raptors. It can be seen all year round, it's a sedentary species! The raven is a rather solitary bird, it is usually alone or in pairs, rarely in large groups.


The raven is a very intelligent bird, it can solve small problems and can even use tools if needed! He can also pass his knowledge on to other ravens.

The Common Raven is not the same as the American Crow, they are two very different species of birds! The raven is much bigger than the crow and they don't have the same song at all!

It is a very important bird in native myths and legends!

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