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White-throat sparrow


It is found almost everywhere, on the edge of mixed forests and conifers. It is also present in the agricultural and urban sectors.


It has a black and white striped cap, similar to the White-crowned Sparrow and has yellow eyebrows which gives it an angry look. As its name suggests, the throat and chin are white, the back is brown and the belly greyish. The female and the male are almost identical, the female is a little duller. This sparrow measures about 17 centimeters, has a wingspan of 22 cm and weighs up to 32 grams, which is a little more than the weight of an asparagus. It lives up to 10 years.


The White-throated Sparrow mainly eats seeds. In the spring, however, insects are a good part of their diet. Like most sparrows, it scratches the ground with both feet while searching for food. White-throated Sparrow sings to defend its territory and to attract females. The male can be very aggressive and protects the nest, which is located on the ground or at a low height.


The little ones cannot fly when they leave the nest! This is probably why the nest is usually on the ground.

The white stripes on the crown may be more "tanned" in color as well. Lighter birds are more aggressive than darker ones.

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