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Canada Warbler


Mixed forests with dense understory, near wetlands or watercourses.


Male and female are similar, but the plumage of the male is brighter while the female is duller. The back is gray-blue and the belly and face are yellow. The Canada Warbler has a black "pearl necklace". The Canada Warbler measures about 14 centimeters, has a wingspan of about 20 cm and weighs about 10 grams, which is about the weight of a strawberry! This warbler lives about 8 years.


Canada Warbler, like most warblers, is primarily insectivorous. This warbler defends its territory aggressively and may feign injury to lure predators away from the nest. It's one of the last warblers to arrive in the spring and one of the first one to leave for the heat when the fall come, it doesn't stay in Quebec for a long period. This warbler's nest is usually on the ground or very close to the ground, which is why it likes forests with dense understory (shrub layer)!


The Canada Warbler is a species present on the list of species at risk in Canada, its status is considered to be of concern due to the destruction of its habitat.

Its name comes from the fact that this warbler only breeds in North America and that 80% of its known breeding range is in Canada.

The Canada Warbler's song resembles that of the American Goldfinch, but faster.

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