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Hermit trush


It lives in all types of open forests, whether coniferous, deciduous or mixed.


The Hermit Thrush has a pale brown head and back, the tail is red. The belly is white spotted with brown. A white ring around the eye is present. The female and the male are identical! It measures about 16 centimeters, has a wingspan of about 27 cm and weighs up to 37 grams, which is about the weight of a clementine! It lives about 8 years.


This bird is mainly insectivorous in spring and summer. When the insects begin to become rarer, it also eats fruit, especially in the fall. When on the ground, Hermit Thrushes move by hopping. The Hermit Thrush is aptly named, it is a shy and very solitary bird that spends a lot of time on the ground or at a low height. It searches for its food by moving quickly, making sudden pauses, watching the surroundings and turning over the leaves which are on the ground.


Hermit Thrushes nest in trees in the east of the country, like here, while they make their nest on the ground in the west!

The Hermit Thrush has two broods per summer and sometimes even 3!

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