Via Ferrata
Via Ferrata
Via Ferrata
Via Ferrata

At the Vallée-du-Bras-du-Nord site, a magnificent valley with a meandering river, numerous mountains and cliffs, as well as a majestic waterfall. A sustainable tourism development project, carried out by an innovative cooperative, recipient of more than a dozen awards since 2002. A development integrating both the local population, young people in social reintegration for the development of the trails as well as many companies of high quality which perfectly complement the tourist offer of the Bras-du-Nord Valley. Aventurex, proud partner of this outdoor association since 2014, allows you to discover this enchanting site in a completely different way. This adventure activity combines hiking and rock climbing. The northern via ferrata is a mountain hike secured by steel cables fixed to the rock wall where participants progress from terraced balconies. This activity does not require any climbing experience or technique.

Via Ferrata


Via du Nord: $35

Duo du Nord +: $54

Trio du Nord: $69



2180 Rang Saguenay

Saint-Raymond, QC

G3L 3G3


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