Randonnée Pédestre
Randonnée Pédestre
Randonnée Pédestre
Randonnée Pédestre

The Vallée Bras-du-Nord region represents one of the largest network of hiking trails in Quebec. Combining short and long hikes, the courses are punctuated by breathtaking views and full of tranquility. They offer a wide range of nature experiences for young and old. Over 80 kilometers of developed, marked and accessible trails all year round Easy, intermediate and difficult levels 8 shelters scattered throughout the territory and several other accommodations



7 to 15 years old: $4.35

16 years old and more: $7.39

Family: $17.40


Vallée Bras du Nord

107 Grande Ligne

St-Raymond, QC

G3L 2Y4

1 800 321-4992

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