The Festival Neige en Fête, which will be in its 25th edition this year, continues to amaze with its originality and development. For several years now, this festival has demonstrated its importance and its belonging to the community of Saint-Raymond. Such an event which, at the base was only a simple gathering of antique snowmobiles and snowmobiles, now allows to exhibit and highlight the beauty of these heritage machines around a popular gathering, which generates major tourism revenues for the entire region. Antique snowmobiles and snowmobiles have served for several years as the main means of transportation, and this event demonstrates its beauty and rich heritage. This three-day festival brings together several diverse activities such as snowmobile tours offered to the public, exhibitions of antique snowmobiles, a parade of snowmobiles and many other activities aimed at entertainment and enhancement of antique snowmobiles and snowmobiles.

Neige en Fête Festival


Entree: Free


Neige en Fête

Casier postal 5023

Saint-Raymond (Québec)

G3L 4R8


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